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The merrymaid waved her beautifully scaled tail and said to me,

"The ocean, she is a beautiful, joyous and bountiful entity with lots of sparkling treasures to behold but be wary...her mood can change quickly and take away what you love and desire in a heartbeat."

I blinked in wonderment as she carried on.

"Yes, she is shimmering aquamarines and turquoise blues but she can be squally and tempestuous stormy greys, silver and crashing white. Love her, be in awe of her but most of all respect her."

"Perhaps she is all womankind," I breathed, 

"Yes', she continued, "I believe she is."




How can I not be inspired by my beautiful and breathtaking surroundings of the Cornish coast and sea ...I wish I could ignore it but I always feel the strong call of the waves, wind and the gulls.


These pieces are gifted by the merrymaid...pretty treasures and a powerful reminder of the might of the sea.

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