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Little Galaxies Collection - beautifully made lampwork glass galaxies...what better way to let someone know they are your world, galaxy, universe?

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Jewellery to create memories 

Beautifully made with care and attention to detail

Jewellery made to keep

Jewellery made to cherish

Made to tell stories about and keep the stories  alive





"You are the stories you tell about yourself so make them good ones, really good.I think you will find the world exactly as you describe it."

Ollie Oakenshield.




Every piece of jewellery created by Rachel begins with a story or emotion in mind and the desire to make connections with others.  Helping to create stories to be passed on and on.

"I have always loved stories and story telling, whether from a book, film, theatre, music or the arts.  During my three years as a silversmithing and jewellery student I developed a deep-rooted love of contemporary narrative jewellery,  bringing my work to where it is today."  Rachel

Contemporary, beautiful and individual - each piece is perfect for any occasion. 

Made, using traditional techniques, from eco or recycled sterling silver and beautiful gemstones.

Something for everyone - something for you


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